Cheap iPad Keyboard Update

A few months ago I bought this Apple Ipad 2/ipad 3 Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Case Stand for just $20, in hopes that it would help me use the iPad for a laptop replacement, writing blog posts, taking interview notes and writing articles.
Well, it did not work out, and so I am updating my post to recommend against that keyboard. Oh, it was super cute, and I loved the way it snapped to the iPad to make a hard case. But after trying it out a few times, I stopped using it. The first problem was that it was not a full-sized keyboard, and I had trouble getting used to that enough to feel comfortable really writing. Second, it had a battery that needed to be recharged by plugging it in, and the charger was neither a standard cell phone charger or an iPad charger, but a third kind that I of course immediately lost. We had a couple of them around, but having to search for a cable to charge it was another reason I ended up not using it much. Finally, I had trouble maintaining a bluetooth connection with the keyboard. I’d be typing away, interviewing someone on the phone, and I’d suddenly lose the connection. Instead of going through the process of going to settings on the iPad and trying to establish a new connection, I’d just give up and switch to taking notes on paper. Not ideal.
Last week, I was going to a conference and decided to give the keyboard another shot to take notes. I found the charger, charged it up, and brought it along. This time it worked pretty well; it only lost the connection once or twice and since I was only sitting in conference sessions instead of conducting an interview I didn’t mind reconnecting. But then, partway through the day, the thing’s case split open at the seam and its innards were exposed. The on-off switch fell off and it became non-functional.
So, not such a bargain.

Next weekend, I have to cover a conference as a tech reporter, so it was time to get serious about my technology. I can’t afford to be stopping to reconnect. Today, I ordered this: Logitech Tablet Keyboard (Keyboard-and-Stand Combo) for iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd/4th gen) for $47.34.
But I was too anxious to wait for it to arrive. Besides, I have a little reporting gig tomorrow and would like to practice using my iPad to take notes. So, at OfficeMax today I picked up the Rocksoul Bluetooth Keyboard for $34.99, plus tax.

Both the Logitech and the Rocksoul take AAA batteries that are supposed to last a long time, so the charger issue will no longer be a problem. So far, I’ve typed this whole post on the Rocksoul without losing the connection, so I’m hopeful about that issue. And they’re both full-size keyboards.

The drawback of the Rocksoul is that it has no case/stand and does not store along with the iPad in any way. All full-size keyboards are slightly longer than the iPad. But I already had a cheap case/stand for my iPad, so that’s not such a biggie. I’ll just slip both of them into a laptop sleeve and have room to spare.

Anyway, I will demo both these things and return whichever one I like least.

Disclosure: The links in this post? Affiliate ones. If you click through and buy something on Amazon, I may make a commission. 

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