$29 Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

If I want to type anything longer than a status update on my iPad, I feel like I HAVE to have a keyboard. I’m sure not everyone is as screen-typing averse as I am, but if you are, here’s a chance to pick up an affordable Bluetooth keyboard that also functions as a case on Living Social:

Aduro bluetooth iPad case in three colors, $29

I have a Bluetooth keyboard/case too, although not this one. It works OK. My biggest problem is that it does not charge along with the iPad since it is not physically connected to it. You have to charge it separately, and its charger is not a standard cell phone charger, and I always forget or can’t find the charger. This one says you charge it with a USB cable, which also confuses me a bit — does that mean it can only be charged through a PC? On the upside, mine runs a long time on one charge once I do charge it.

Disclosure: This is an affiliate link. If you click through and buy, I’ll earn Living Social credits. 

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