Frugal Product Review

It looks like my frugal iPad accessory purchase is a success. I am writing this post from my iPad using the SHARKK Apple iPad 2, The New iPad 3 Bluetooth Aluminum Keyboard Case Cover Stand + Screen Protector, which I bought on Amazon for only $20-something. (It’s currently $32.12.)

I must admit that for the first few weeks after I purchased the Sharkk, I used it exclusively as a stand for holding the iPad at a nice angle for viewing TV and Facetiming. It works great for that. But this week I finally started using it for the reason I bought it: Turning the iPad into a laptop replacement.

I have a laptop, but like most cheap Windows laptops I’ve owned, it has become slower and slower with age. My techie husband says this is because Microsoft’s continual updates overly tax my cheap, relatively weak processor.

The iPad is nice and zippy though, and since my work only requires using the Web and typing, I wanted to try working with the iPad instead of laying out several hundred dollars for a new cheap laptop that I would be sure to start hating after a year or so.

I have been doing more freelance writing lately, which is why this blog has been so quiet. I’ve found it convenient to take interview notes on the iPad, and use it for Web research. But for the actual writing, I need to consult multiple documents of notes, quickly. I’m not very adept at that in the iPad. So it’s not so much the keyboard that’s an obstacle in that case, but the iPad and my lack of comfort working with its non-Windowsness.

Finally, there’s blogging with the iPad. I’m using a free WordPress app I found through the store on my iPad. It seems to have a lot of features, but I haven’t tried them all yet. I haven’t tried inserting a picture yet. But I bet I could get used to it.

The Rundown on the Sharkk

Pros: Inexpensive, and the iPad/keyboard combo is lighter than a laptop.

Cons: The small keyboard takes getting used to. Using the iPad for work is different than using a PC.

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