Feeding 4 on $100 a Week: Just Eat at Your Mom’s House

Last week I thought I barely squeaked in under budget at $98 for combined grocery and restaurant spending, but I wondered if I had forgotten about a shopping trip in there somewhere. Yeah, I did. I found a receipt for $47.50 at Jewel. I swear I do not taking sleeping pills but it looks like I still have some of the side effects such as grocery shopping in my sleep!

Fortunately, this week I was able to shop less and eat out less. I spent $32 at Trader Joe’s, and spent $15 on drive-through treats (shakes for the kids at Dunkin Donuts, two McDonald’s coffees for me and a cheeseburger for Pebbles). We were treated to dinner at Perkins by my in-laws and were fed by my parents for the rest of the weekend, so that certainly helped!

Adding up this week’s spending plus that lingering $47.50 from last week’s sleep-shopping, and I’m at $94.50. Success!

Here’s what we ate on that: Breakfasts were toast, fruit, fruit smoothies or oatmeal. Lunches were leftovers or sandwiches. Dinners:

WEDNESDAY pork chop casserole (we didn’t end up eating those defrosted chops last week after all)

THURSDAY fish sticks and sweet potato fries, salad

FRIDAY hamburgers and fries, my parents’ treat

SATURDAY ate at a family party

SUNDAY holiday meal at my mom’s house, then Perkins, my in-laws’ treat

MONDAY homemade pumpkin carrot soup with homemade white bread (I’m out of whole wheat flour and don’t wanna buy more before we move!)

TUESDAY chicken sausages, brussels sprouts and sweet potato fries

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