Feeding Four on $100 a Week

For those of you who haven’t read this feature recently, I returned my weekly budget to $100 but that now includes a $25 restaurant allowance.

Did we go to a restaurant in the past week? It was such a blur with the flurry of activity related to buying a house in California while finding a tenant for our house in Oak Park, I can’t even remember. Let’s assume we did.

For groceries, I spent $74 — all at Dominick’s. I had one epic Dominick’s trip where — get this — nothing went wrong. I had a lot of Just for U offers loaded onto my card, including tricky ones like “$3 off a $10 produce purchase,” and they all came off as they should have. Then there was a multi-item deal — buy 3 packs of fish sticks, get them for $2.99 each — some buy one, get ones, and the $10 ham coupon. All worked flawlessly. My favorite deal: I had $3 off Breyer’s Blasts ice cream on the card, and it was on sale for $3.49, so my kid’s upcoming birthday party is now partly stocked for less than a buck.

After all that perfection, I was surprised to receive the $10 off coupon for spending more than $75. (Also included in my purchase was $6 worth of Vienna Franks which my parents reimbursed me for — they pushed me over the edge!) Since I so rarely spend this much in one shopping trip, I usually don’t even pay attention to the “spend $75, get $10″ offer and it was a total happy surprise.

Later in the week, I went back and spent my $10 coupon on fresh produce.

Here’s what we ate on $74 this week. Since I am still parenting on my own and busier than ever right now, I am definitely keeping things simple:

WEDNESDAY pork tenderloin and frozen broccoli with cheese sauce

THURSDAY can’t remember

FRIDAY ate at Grandma’s house

SATURDAY we ate at Grandma’s house

SUNDAY ate at Grammy’s house

MONDAY ham and bean soup made from the Easter ham bone that Grammy sent home with us and some pinto beans out of the freezer

TUESDAY rainbow rotini with meatballs and jar sauce, roasted asparagus

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  1. Lindsey Chester
    December 7, 2013 | 9:13 pm

    We too shop for about $100/ week and eat ALL dinners at home. We stick to a list that is complied during the week as we run out of items. Then On Saturday mornings we make out the weekly menu and check with each other about events/ activities that we will be attending that may influence our dinner plans.
    We always eat together as a family which is usually as late as 8:30 pm because my daughter does gymnastics 3 week nights and doesnt get picked up til 8.

    My husband shops which helps us STICK to the list!

    My one comment on your post above would be- it doesn’t count to say you eat on $74/ a week if you had 3 meals at Grandmas’ and your husband is out of town the whole week. Not a challenge to feed a Mom and three kids aged grade school and younger. The challenge comes from REALLY feeding a family of 4 consisting of 2 adults, and two older teens or boys.

    We shop at Aldi- LOVE that grocer (owns Trader Joe’s biggest grocer in Europe.)
    We are NOT brand loyal and NEVER coupon as coupons are for upsells of brands we would never buy. And Aldi’s own brands are even better than a lot of the US big guys- IE their chocolates are german.
    We buy store brand chips and cereals and save big there. My kids don’t care, and when they have stuff in their lunch bags, who knows what brand it is when its in a new zip lock?
    And organic- who can afford it? Organic milk and eggs especially break the budget.

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