Feeding 5 on $100 a Week

This week I spent $74.60 at 3 stores. For my $25 restaurant budget, we spent $21.43 — $14.43 on Domino’s delivery (we got the free Artisan pizza and, since we had friends over, threw in a large regular pizza as well), and $7 on takeout sushi (we got it at the grocery store but I am counting as part of the restaurant budget).

I didn’t really have time to do any deals this week. I stopped into Petco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Pan’s (a local Centrella store) very quickly with the kids and grabbed what we needed.

Here’s what we ate on $74.60. Breakfasts were cereal, toast or smoothies, lunches were sandwiches or leftovers.

WEDNESDAY sauteed spinach, salmon and brown rice

THURSDAY can’t remember

FRIDAY ordered pizza

SATURDAY ate at my mom and dads’ house

SUNDAY takeout sushi and cheese sandwiches

MONDAY A friend brought over dinner, complete with wine and dessert. Thank you!!

TUESDAY leftovers

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